SocialBrands for agencies

With our all-in-one solution you will be able to manage multiple accounts and you can work with your team and/or customer in a well-organized way.

For agencies that want to work with teams and customers more effectively

SocialBrands offers the most complete and smart digital marketing tool, so that agencies can effectively focus on the key performance indicators of the brands or products they work for. The AI technology from SocialBrands will help your team to make important decisions based on data.

Work with multiple acccounts and work together

As an agency, you can work on all your accounts within the SocialBrands platform and you can create teams, each team with its own role. If necessary, involve the customer when needed, for the approval of a campaign, for example.

Franchise module

Do you work for a franchise organization with your agency? With the SocialBrands platform, it’s really easy to monitor the quality of a franchise brand. As an agency, we enable you to create 1 content calendar and to sync them with hundreds of franchise calendars via our publishing module. You can even give the franchisee the option to adjust the content. The unique thing about SocialBrands is that national campaigns can also be scheduled at a local level.

SocialBrands: the most complete and smart digital marketing tool.