SocialBrands for brands

Create and launch campaigns with landing pages, interactieve apps, social media posts, social advertising, email automation, monitoring and influencer marketing.

Increase the effectiveness of your brand

By using SocialBrands, you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our all-in-one digital marketing tool boosts the results achieved across teams, including the work sourced from your agency. Within the modules that are provided, our advanced AI Technology will help you to make difficult decisions. Campaign recommendations are suggested while you use the SocialBrands tool.

Why is SocialBrands so cost-efficient?

Thanks to the all-in-one approach, SocialBrands replaces multiple tools and this results in considerable cost savings. SocialBrands also increases the efficiency across departments, whereby you can determine the exact roles, views and rights for the respective team members jointly using the platform.

SocialBrands: the smartest all-in-one digital marketing tool.