Create and launch campaigns with Lead Activations, social media posts, social advertising, email automation, monitoring and influencer marketing.

Launch the optimal campaign

Our AI technology can make several different proposals on the best ways to reach your target audience based on the goal, the target audience and KPIs.

Influencers marketing

Use influencers to get the campaign in front of the right audience to create awareness. Get unlimited access to a diverse network of micro to macro influencers. Through our real-time connection with all influencers, we offer brands and agencies clear insights into target audiences and the reach and engagement of those influencers, both during the search for an influencer and during the actual running campaigns.

Lead Activations

Reach your audience and collect leads with our interactive Lead Activations. Convert your online and offline audience to leads.

Within the powerful Lead Activations module, you can easily create professional photo competitions, scratch deals, giveaways and other interactive promotions and publish them on social media, landing pages, websites, email and mobile. Within SocialBrands, more than 15,000 campaigns have been created by top global brands.

Social Advertising: easy and effective

Creating an advertising campaign can be a lengthy process. SocialBrands helps you to set up and monitor campaigns quickly and effectively. Our technology analyzes every aspect of the advertisement and continuously applies A/B tests to achieve the best results.

SocialBrands: the most complete and smart digital marketing tool.