Get to know your audience better based on data from different data sources. Get to see who your audience really is, where and when they are online and what their interests are.

Get to know your audience

A clear picture of the target audience for your brand will be compiled, based on the learnings acquired via the SocialBrands platform during all previous campaigns. This goes beyond just the demographical data, but also includes behavior and areas of interest. gets smarter by every post and campaign you run via the tool to continuously increase the knowledge on your target audience.

Collect leads

The Lead Activations of SocialBrands enable you to collect leads in a unique way. Choose from more than 20 different apps to engage with your audience and to simultaneously gain insight into your target audience. You decide where you publish the Lead Activations and which data you wish to receive from your participants.

Areas of interest

The areas of interest of your target audience give you the opportunity to gain additional insights into how the consumer thinks. These areas of interest are an interesting factor within the social advertising module of SocialBrands and can be used as a target audience for an advertising campaign.

SocialBrands: the smartest all-in-one digital marketing tool.